This is a Banff Elopement

I never blog my photography, but when I do I make sure it’s an elopement session in one of the most beautiful places on this earth – Banff in Alberta, Canada.

One year ago to the day, Karen and Zack had the most simple, beautiful and intimate wedding I’ve ever been a part of. It was just the two of them, myself, my sister Alycia who did the hair and makeup, and our friend Lauren who tagged along to help out. Alycia and I put the bouquet together out of fake flowers and that was the extent of the decor. Nothing else was needed in an area surrounded by the Canadian Rockies and stunning turquoise lakes.

There are numerous benefits to eloping and bringing along a team of your choosing. Your day is about you and you only, so you don’t have to spend time pleasing everyone else. You have an ample amount of creative freedom without time limits, guests and itineraries. We spent the entire wedding day taking photos at our convenience. On our way to Moraine Lake we saw a beautiful river valley and pulled over for our first look photos. We trekked along Moraine Lake and took breaks back in the cabin, touched up hair and makeup, and relaxed. We spent a wonderful dinner together at the end of the day and we were even lucky enough to see a moose!

The images below are just a small sampling of the photos I captured last year. Every time I look through these I yearn for the opportunity to go back.


Thank you Karen and Zack for bringing us along to share in your special week!

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