pain shapes a woman into a warrior

About Me

I am a 33-year-old photographer, an entrepreneur who owns four businesses (Jovial Photography, rePURPOSE, Backwoods Beauty Nails and Monat), a struggling minimalist, a semi-reformed party girl, and a world changer – or so I’d like to think so. My hopes with this blog are to combine all of my businesses and projects into one place – to simplify my life allowing more free time for the ones I love.

I was born, raised and continue to live in northern NY. We have four breathtaking seasons and as much as some people hate all of the snow, I think it’s beautiful and I wouldn’t trade where I live for anywhere else. I have two amazing and courageous warrior daughters who have more tolerance and love for people than most adults I know. We have gone through some tough times but they are my absolute everything. I also love concerts, dancing, art, people, greasy food, talking, the 90’s, tattoos, Harry Potter, thrift stores, making costumes and vodka.

I spent the majority of last year struggling to survive. I’m going to spend the majority of this year living. This blog is more than a business plan, this blog is my therapy. I’ve spent so many years working that I’ve lost the passion that comes with my art.